Activities for Children, Youth and Family 

We provide for families a multitude of activities for children of all ages. The activities include, among others, day and summer circles for children and afternoon circles for school children.

Family Day Service and activities are held quarterly with special events for all families to enjoy together. It is organized by the Family council committee together with Sunday school teachers.

Summer trips is a fun time to do outdoor events together as friends and families.  Likewise, Christmas events is a joyous celebration!

ICCK Sunday school for kids

During the ICCK English Services we have Sunday School for young children. Bring your kids to church and involve them to do things together. Aside from listening to bible stories and learning about the Heavenly Father, kids can learn to sing and enjoy doing art crafts while making new friends with other children. Regular Sunday school teachers like Terhi Tasanen and Judith Lutinga make sure that your kids are comfortable and having fun! 

Regular Sunday services is at 4 pm in the Old Church (Keskustori).
For more information: rev. Ville Aalo , tel. 050 468 8484,  ville.aalo@evl.fi.

Musical playgroups

Musical playgroups are intended for children between 0-6 years of age, and instrument training for children and adolescents between the ages of 6-13. The selection covers some 15 musical instruments ranging from piano to flute.

For more information:

Tuulikki Peltola
tel. 050 550 0664, tuulikki.peltola@evl.fi

Activities for children

Activities for young people

The activities for adolescents are multiple: they include floorball, cooking and gardening circles, camps, confirmation schools, prayer and Bible circles, gospel music, etc.