Our mission is to help immigrants feel at home in Tampere. The parishes in Tampere offer a connection to the church to immigrants practising the Christian faith.

Learning the Finnish language increases your possibilities of getting a job

Our goal is to help the immigrants living in Tampere integrate into society and find a job and a community they can call their own.

Our Finnish teaching offers you a chance to

·        get to know different cultures

·        meet new people and make friends

·        learn new words and speak Finnish

·        volunteer in helping immigrants learn Finnish

Learn Finnish free of charge

Downtown Tampere, The International Culture Cafe, Näsilinnankatu 26, 1st floor.

You can enjoy free coffee and hot chocolate during the lesson.

·        Tuesdays, 6 pm to 7.30 pm, Finnish for beginners

·        Wednesdays, 5 pm to 6.30 pm, Finnish for beginners

·        Thursdays, 6 pm to 8 pm, advanced Finnish course (A1-A2-level)   

Inquiries: Heidi Repo / p. 050 541 5833

In Multisilta, Multisillankatu 2.

·        Mondays, 3 pm to 4.30 pm.

Inquiries: Heidi Repo / p. 050 541 5833

In Hervanta, Pelipuisto, Teekkarinkatu 17

·        Tuesdays and Thursdays, 10 am to 12 midday.

Inquiries: Kaisa Plomp

Downtown Tampere, Näsilinnankatu 26, 2nd floor.

In the group Ilon Hetket (”Moments of Joy”) mothers with their small children learn Finnish by singing and playing together. The group gets together on Tuesdays 10.30 am to 12 midday.

Inquiries: Heidi Repo / p. 050 541 5833

Let’s read together –network

·        Learn Finnish on Mondays 10 am to 12 midday at the Multisilta parish house, Multisillankatu 2

·        Textbook costs 5 Euros.

·        Inquiries: Eija Eljaala, p. 044 0807 911

·        Organizer: The Finnish Federation of Graduate Women


Also, check out on which you can find other Finnish learning opportunities in Tampere.   


Immigrants are welcome to participate in regular parish activities, such as child, youth and family work, confirmation classes as well as divine services conducted in Finnish. In addition, the parishes organise camps, field trips, festivities and events together with the immigrants themselves.

For more information:
Deacon Heidi Repo
tel. 050 541 5833
office: Näsilinnankatu 26, 4th floor