Baptisms, weddings  and funerals

If you are a member of the Church and you have been confirmed, you can have a church wedding and you can be asked to be a godparent.

Church Ceremonies

The most common church ceremonies include baptism, marriage and burial.


Baptism - an infant becomes a member of the church. At least one of the child's parents must be a member of the Evangelical Lutheran church. An infant should preferably be baptised within six weeks of birth. You can settle the time and place of baptism at the parish office. The office clerk will give you the name of the vicar on duty who will visit you before the baptism so that you can discuss the details of the baptism.


A couple wishing to marry must undergo an investigation of possible obstacles before the marriage can take place. The investigation can be carried out by the Service Central if at least one of the persons intending to marry is a member of the Evangelical Lutheran parishes in Tampere.

The investigation takes seven days, after which the couple can marry.
For marriage taking place outside Finland, the office can, upon request, issue a certificate indicating that according the laws of Finland, the person in question has the right to be married by a foreign authority.

If a Finnish citizen wishes to marry a foreign national, the following documents must be presented to Finnish authorities:
  • an account of the personality and marital status issued by the registration authority of the person's home country
  • proof of membership in a Christian church or denomination, if the couple wish to be married in a church.
Booking a pastor and a church:
You can book a pastor and a church or other premises at the Servive Center
  • Näsilinnankatu 26, street level, open weekdays  9 am to 3 pm.
  • tel. (03) 219 0705, weekdays  8.30 to 15.45


The death of a loved one gives rise to a number of practical arrangements, for which you can contact: 

Funeral Servive
  • Hämeenkatu 28, street level 
  • tel. (03) 219 0702 
  • Open weekdays  9 am to 3 pm.
There are no cemeteries for people practising religions other than Christianity. There are separate areas for those practising the Islamic, the Greek Orthodox and the Jewish faith at the Lamminpää cemetery.