The Tampere Lutheran Parishes

The symbol of the Federation of Evangelical Lutheran Parishes in Tampere is “Frankly Christian.”

We want to work side by side with the members of the congregation in their everyday life, as well as be part of the celebrations and changes that take place in their lives.

“Close to people – near God”

In accordance with our motto, we aim to promote the growth of spiritual life and the love for one’s neighbour. We work together to make the Christian message available to all the inhabitants of Tampere.

We work with other organizations in the Tampere area and internationally as a part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland.

The Federation of Evangelical Lutheran Parishes in Tampere is comprised of five local parishes, four of which are Finnish and one Swedish-speaking. Together the parishes form an administrative and economic entity called the Federation of Evangelical Lutheran Parishes. There are a large number of activities and various communities within these parishes.

The Evangelical Lutheran Church makes itself seen and heard in Tampere. Roughly 70% of the inhabitants in the city - some 146 000 people - belong to the Evangelical Lutheran Church.

Many of the services provided by the parishes are centralised. Such services include child and youth work, special deaconal work, family counselling, membership registry, religious services at hospitals, information services and social work. The real estate and graveyard units are responsible for the maintenance of the churches and other premises owned by the parishes.


Local parishes are governed by the vicar together with the parish council. In the Federation of Parishes, the highest decisive power is wielded by the joint Church Council and the Church Board elected and appointed by the Council. Members of the Church Council and Board are elected in a parish election held every four years. All parish members over the age of 18 have the right to vote
in parish elections.


The Federation of Evangelical Lutheran congregations has the right to levy taxes on its members at the rate of 1.25% of taxable income. Tax revenue account for some 74% of the total income of the Federation of Parishes. Other income comprises, among others, service charges and rent proceeds. The largest single expenditure item is personnel costs.


The Federation of Evangelical Lutheran Parishes employs about  550 people in Tampere.